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Why Woolson Anderson Peach may be the right choice for you

We have traditionally been strong on dedication and performance, but short on self-promotion. We have always thought that the best promotion is performance and accomplishment, not advertising. Others may celebrate their few successes, but we take success as an everyday expectation.

This page, however, is an exception to our usual reticence, and is intended to promote some of the qualities and accomplishments that have brought us satisfaction:

Woolson Anderson Peach has more than 50 years combined experience in representing individuals, businesses and public bodies.

We are small enough to provide individualized, dedicated service, yet big enough to handle substantial cases. Every client has the attention of an experienced Principal of the firm. Because of our experience and the competence of our staff, we are comfortable with matters that other firms of our size might not be ready for.

We strive to provide the highest quality of legal service to each of our clients, regardless of how big or small. We pride ourselves in our ability to be creative - to help our clients find solutions - instead of simply giving reasons why something cannot be done.

We have negotiated and closed million-dollar business transactions, advised companies and municipalities with seven-figure budgets and regularly represent clients in the trial courts and appellate courts.

Some of our principles:

We explain every client's options as clearly as we can. Representation of a client requires collaboration, not just direction.

We assess each client's position realistically. We like to win as much as anyone, but cases are seldom completely one-sided. Compromise is sometimes necessary, and often achieves a better overall result. A lawsuit that goes on forever seldom achieves the client's goals.

We charge fairly. We focus on achieving good results at reasonable cost to our clients. We evaluate each case or transaction carefully and develop management strategies to prevent duplication and overcharging.

We are candid with the courts. This is our obligation as lawyers, and it protects our clients. We are not willing to allow clients to be untruthful, because it is against our principles and we have observed that it usually works out badly.

We treat everyone with courtesy. The legal process is often confrontational, but there is no need to make it worse. We know that it pays to ask nicely first. Sometimes that works, and when it does, it saves time and money.

We are prepared. Our lawyers and staff get to work immediately and use all of our resources to ensure the best representation and results for our clients.

We are independent. Your lawyers should not be more concerned with maintaining other relationships than they are about you. We avoid financial, personal and political entanglements that would impair our ability to represent our clients with the complete dedication, loyalty and unimpaired judgment that each deserves.

Some things that you may not know about us:

While we are primarily known as local government lawyers, much of our work has been for private businesses and individuals.

We have represented one municipality for more than 45 years and several other municipalities and municipal boards for many years. This experience may not immediately seem relevant outside the municipal area, but it is. In many respects, municipalities are the same as similarly sized businesses, with the same problems and needs.

We have been intimately involved in the complicated New Jersey affordable housing process since Mt. Laurel I. We represented the first municipality sued by a builder after Mt. Laurel II. We are currently actively involved in responding to the latest New Jersey Supreme Court directives in the courts, with municipal groups, and in drafting legislation.

We have tried more cases, and more types of cases, in the trial courts than we have counted.

We have handled more cases in the appellate courts than we have kept track of. Some are mentioned in our biographical information.

We have handled many New Jersey Supreme Court cases, also mentioned in our biographical information. Several of our Supreme Court cases remain principal cases in their several fields.

We are unwilling to accept the status quo simply because it exists. We have made law in several areas. In one case, we actually sued the court system (it is an interesting process).

For years, we were the leaders of a multi-municipal group that lobbied for and prepared legislation for changes to the Gross Receipts and Franchise tax, which was a major revenue source for many municipalities.

We created an innovative methodology for assessing the benefits from municipal sewer projects.

Some of our most satisfied clients have been classic entrepreneurs, some having created more than one successful business during our representation.

We have represented numerous estates, including some that had to be resolved through litigation. Our case on the unusual field of "holographic wills" remains the leading case.

If our principles, our experience, passion and independence, are qualities that you are looking for, call for an appointment with one of us to discuss immediate or ongoing representation for your business, your municipality or yourself.

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