Woolson Anderson Peach

A bit of Firm history

The firm was founded in the 1930s by Leon Gerofsky, who later served as the Somerset County Prosecutor and a Superior Court judge.

Mr. Gerofsky was joined by Edward D. Bowlby in the 1960s. After Mr. Gerofsky was appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court, O. Stanley Woolson and then Robert E. Guterl joined the firm and it became known as Bowlby and Woolson and then Bowlby, Woolson and Guterl.

In 1972, Mark S. Anderson joined the firm. He became a Partner in 1974 and the firm was known as Bolby, Woolson, Guterl and Anderson. In 1977 William R. Sutphen, III joined as a Principal and the firm moved to its present address with the name Woolson, Guterl, Sutphen and Anderson.

In 1989, when Mr. Guterl was appointed to the Superior Court of New Jersey, Maryann Nergaard became a Principal and the firm became Woolson, Sutphen, Anderson and Nergaard.

In 2009, Ms. Nergaard also accepted an appointment to the Superior Court of New Jersey, and the firm took the name Woolson Sutphen Anderson, which it retained until recently.

Mr. Woolson retired from the practice of law in 1985, and Mr. Sutphen retired in 2008. Judge Guterl died May 26, 2001, and Mr. Woolson died November 9, 2015.

Randall Peach was admitted to practice law in 1992. He merged his practice into the firm of Woolson Anderson and became a Principal 2019, at which time the firm name was changed to Woolson Anderson Peach.

Following its traditions, the firm continues its broad general practice, representing individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and municipal entities with dedication and personal attention.